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Welcome to
GW Projects.

Specialist supplier to the hospitality industry

About Us.

In 2019, I had a vision for a hospitality supply company that would bring a fresh approach to the industry,  in a way that no other company had done before. This dream came true when GW Projects was established that same year.

Since then, we’ve worked on many projects with the single goal of providing innovative Hospitality sector services and solutions.

Be sure to visit our partner company GW Robotics.

What We Offer.

At GW Projects, we offer a range of solutions that include everything from design and installation to project management, shop fitting, equipment servicing and maintenance, one-time equipment supply, site cleaning, and extraction cleans, among many others.

We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, and our extensive range of services.  Whether you have straightforward requirements or intricate, multifaceted needs, you can trust our team to deliver the ideal solution promptly and efficiently.


We're always striving to enhance our services and tailor them to meet the unique demands of each client, ensuring your satisfaction at every step of the way. Your project will always be in capable hands with us.

Feel free to explore all the details of what we offer here, and don't hesitate to contact us for any additional information regarding how we can assist you.

Operating Services.

Are you looking to keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently? We offer four essential services that can assist you in doing so:

  1. Equipment Installation
    Our UK-wide network of skilled engineers ensures on-time, on-budget kitchen installations meeting manufacturer specifications.

  2. Service & Maintenance
    Count on us 24/7 for everything from leaky toilets, to major equipment failures. We offer loan refrigeration to prevent possible stock losses.

  3. Kitchen & Extraction Cleans
    Our tam provides deep cleaning for equipment, kitchens and canopy/ductwork, including equipment servicing and insurance reports.

  4. Asset Relocation & Storage
    Save money by decommissioning sites, re-allocating assets within your estate and building an equipment reserve.

Learn more about the services we offer here, and keep your business operating smoothly with us!

Our Commitment to After-Sales Support.

All equipment supplied through GW Projects comes with a manufacturer's warranty, and we take our after-sales responsibility very seriously. Upon installation, we allocate a unique ID record with details of your equipment in our bespoke Service Management system.


This then allows us to efficiently manage the warranty on your behalf and build a comprehensive history of your kitchen. You only have to call us to report any problems. Additionally, many of our customers choose to schedule regular preventative maintenance for their equipment, ensuring minimal downtime during peak times.


24/7 availability and contact to your account manager


Emergency loan equipment to keep you operating


A quick responding, national team of engineers


Highly trained staff to understand your requirements

Contact Us.

We're ready to work with you! To learn more about GW Projects and how we collaborate with out clients within the hospitality industry, get in touch now.

Let's work together.

444 Oakshott Place

Walton Summit



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