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Our Services

Specialist Services


We provide clients with an expert team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across any industry. Through in-depth design knowledge and amazing support from suppliers, we leverage our pooled knowledge to reduce costs and provide design's with which we strive to exceed expectations.


We’re constantly looking for new advancements in products and energy saving technologies to find the smartest and most optimal solutions for our client.  We source products from sustainable sources for all our designs.


Our in-house design team work closely with our clients helping them through the design process from initial concept to finalised scheme, using the latest software to enable you to visualise and plan your facility before it’s built.

Project Management

We understand the critical nature of your project and its potential impact on your business. Our Project Managers, equipped with IOSH, CSCS cards, ASBESTOS awareness, and Health and Safety qualifications, ensure efficient oversight from start to finish.

Our services include liaising with clients to define requirements, coordinating with stakeholders, managing Health and Safety, and supervising installation and commissioning.


We provide and install a diverse selection of sustainable, functional, and ergonomic equipment sourced from suppliers aligned with our sustainability and energy-saving policies. With access to leading manufacturers, we offer expert advice tailored to specific needs, whether based on usage, menu requirements, space limitations, or budget considerations.


Our commitment to quality is ensured by partnering exclusively with trusted brands and suppliers in the industry.


We collaborate with top contract furniture specialists, specialising in designing and supplying comprehensive furniture schemes for the foodservice industry.


Our tailored approach ensures a unique and high-quality solution to your furniture needs. All materials utilized are sourced from fair trade and sustainable origins.

Shopfit & Turnkey Projects

We hold a commitment to clients and quality throughout all projects, from start to finish. Dedicated to every client, regardless of project size, we prioritise ethical and sustainable products. We ensure quality within budget, fostering long-term relationships with subcontractors.


Our teams, knowledgeable in various industries, handle everything from fixtures to brand rollouts. We find satisfaction in transforming spaces and exceeding expectations.

Interested In Our Services?

Curious about the services we offer and what we can do for you? Reach out to us today to learn more and discover how we can contribute to the growth of your business.

Operating Services

In today's competitive landscape, operational efficiency is key. Our essential services, from precise Equipment Installation to proactive Maintenance, thorough Cleans, and strategic Asset Relocation & Storage, ensure your business runs smoothly. With us, you minimise downtime, maximise resources, and focus on growth.

Equipment Installation

We have a vast network of UK-based installation engineers, ensuring prompt, budget-friendly, and manufacturer-compliant kitchen installations. Managed by our Project Managers, they keep you informed. Plus, our large warehouse streamlines equipment consolidation, minimising delays.

Kitchen & Extraction Cleans

Our team conducts on-site and off-site deep cleans of equipment, kitchens, canopies, and ductwork. Equipment servicing can be done concurrently with cleaning. We also provide comprehensive insurance reports after canopy and ductwork cleaning.

Service & Maintenance

Our team promptly handles everything from leaking toilets to site closures due to electrical issues. With a variety of stored equipment, we ensure seamless kitchen operation during major failures. Plus, our exclusive 24/7 reactive service, including loan refrigeration, prevents costly stock losses for key clients.

Asset Relocation & Storage

Amid economic uncertainty, we offer site closure and storage solutions. By decommissioning sites, removing assets, and reallocating them within the client's estate, we save costs and provide equipment for future needs.

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